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Welcome to the European Community Studies Association – Canada (ECSA-C). ECSA-C’s mission is to help promote the study of the European Union and its Member States in Canada.


Founded in 1995, the European Community Studies Association – Canada (Association d’Etudes sur la Communauté européenne – Canada) is the leading professional association for the study of European integration studies in Canada. ECSA-C seeks to promote the study and understanding of the European Union and European affairs. This multidisciplinary Association seeks to encourage the study and teaching of the EU in Canada through the promotion of networks between academics in Canada and abroad, the exchange of information and research findings, as well as help and encouragement for the expansion and development of EU related teaching and research activities. Through supporting and organising international conferences and seminars ECSA-C seeks to draw broad attention to Canadian research on the EU and to encourage international exchange.

Current ECSA-C members

ECSA-C is member and part of ECSA-World, a network of the leading European Community Studies Associations in most of the EU member-states and thirty-four other countries. ECSA-C is in regular contact with the EU Delegation in Ottawa.

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