Jean Monnet European Union Centre for Excellence 

  • 2016/2019 Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence, Dalhousie University

  • 2016/2017/2019 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Carleton University

  • 2016/2019 Jean Monnet Centre Montreal, University of Montreal and McGill University

  • 2016/2019 Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence, University of Victoria

Jean Monnet Networks

  • 2019 Genome Editing and Agricultural Policy, Practice and Public Perceptions, Dalhousie University (Matthew Schnurr)

  • 2019 Jean Monnet Network: European Memory Politics – Populism, Nationalism and the Challenges to a European Memory Culture (EuMePo), University of Victoria (Oliver Schmidtke)

  • 2018 Politics of the European Semester: EU Coordination and Domestic Political Institutions, University of Victoria (Amy Verdun)

  • 2017 Health Law and Policy Network, Dalhousie University (Katherine Fierlbeck)

  • 2017 Between the EU and Russia: Domains of Diversity and Contestation, McGill University  (David Smith)

  • 2017 RÉSeau Transatlantique sur l’Europe Politique, University of Montreal (Laurie Beaudonnet)

  • 2017 Jean Monnet Network on EUCanada Relations: The EU and Canada in Dialogue, University of Carleton (Jean Debardeleben)

  • 2016 Comparing and Contrasting EU Migration and Border Policies - Are they Exemplary?, University of Victoria (Emmanuel Brunnet Jailly)

Jean Monnet Projects

  • 2019 2020 ECSA-C Conference Edmonton, University of Alberta (Lori Thorlakson)

  • 2018 Canada-Europe Dialogues on Democracy (CEDoD): Democratic deficit and the rise of populism in Europe, University of Victoria (Oliver Schmidtke)

  • 2018 Youth, Migration and the European Union: Policy and Practical Lessons Learned from the Humanitarian Crisis, University of Manitoba (Lori Wilkinson)

  • 2017 CETA Implementation and Implications Project, Dalhousie University (Robert Finbow)

  • 2017 Communication and Media Strategies for EU Experts in Canada, University of Victoria (Oliver Schmidtke)

  • 2016 Canada-EU Dialogue on Migration, University of Victoria (Oliver Schmidtke)

  • 2016 Studying EU in Canadian high schools, Carleton University (Viju Crina)

  • 2016 European Union Policy on Asylum and Refugees, University of Toronto (Randall Hansen)

  • 2016 Narratives of Memory, Migration, Xenophobia and European Identity: Intercultural Dialogues, University of Victoria (Helga Hallgrimsdottir)

  • 2015 Political Leadership in the European Union, University of Victoria (Amy Verdun)


Jean Monnet Teaching Modules 

  • 2016The European Union and the Politics and Policies of Migration, University of Toronto (Randall Hansen)

  • 2009 Jean Monnet Modules at the University of Alberta (Lori Thorlakson)

  • 2009 "From Paris to Lisbon : The EU Treaties and Their Reforms", Dalhousie University (Fin Laursen)


Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam

  • 2016 Nannette Neuwahl, Université de Montréal

  • 2010 Markus W. Gehring, University of Ottawa

  • 2009 Amy Verdun, University of Victoria

  • 2008 George Ross, Université de Montréal


Current/past Jean Monnet Chairs in Canada 

  • 2019 Andrea Wagner, Grant MacEwan University

  • 2019 Willem Maas, York University

  • 2018 Ruben Zaiotti, Dalhousie University

  • 2017 Maria Popova, McGill University

  • 2016 Joan DeBardeleben, Carleton University

  • 2015 Achim Hurrelmann, Carleton University 

  • 2015 Laurie Beaudonnet, Université de Montréal 

  • 2014 Heather MacRae, York University 

  • 2013 Olivier Delas, Université Laval

  • 2012 Lori Thorlakson, University of Alberta

  • 2010/2016 Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, University of Victoria

  •  2010 Kurt Hübner, University of British Columbia

  • 2008 Oliver Schmidtke, University of Victoria

  • 2007 Amy Verdun, University of Victoria



ECSA-C Jean Monnet Activities Awards 

  • 2017 Building Capacity for Canada's European Studies Community: the European Studies Association Canada as a research and outreach hub, ECSA-C (Oliver Schmidtke)

  • 2015 European Community Studies Association - Canada, 11th Biennial Conference, Dalhousie University (Andrea d’Sylva)

  • 2013 10th Biennial Conference of the European Community Studies Association-Canada, Université de Montréal (Frédéric Mérand)

  • 2009 Biennial Conference of the European Community Studies Association – Canada (Emmanuel Brunnet Jailly)


The European Community Studies Association - Canada (Association d'Etudes sur la Communauté Européenne - Canada) is the leading professional association for European integration studies in Canada.

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