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We are the Young Researchers Network (YRN), an official entity within the European Community Studies Association-Canada (ECSA-C YRN).

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Since 2004, the YRN has represented young scholars of European Studies in Canada, holding conferences and co-organized panels at the ECSA-C Biennial Meetings, facilitating the integration of students’ paper presentations into general conference panels, and generally promoting professional and academic networking.  

The YRN:

  • connects young researchers in the European Studies field across Canada,

  • encourages innovation and knowledge-sharing,

  • promotes a multidisciplinary approach for the Network’s activities,

  • provide opportunities to young scholars to present and hone their research,

  • organizes essay contests, debates, webinars, and other events,

  • generates partnerships and connections with other institutions in the European

  • studies field to provide the YRN members with networking opportunities.

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Our priorities and goals moving forward fall under the following three themes:

  1. Promote and Profile the Network

  • Build out a strong and engaging social media platform for the Network. 

  • Organize thematic panel discussions that involve renowned keynote speakers.

  • Build institutional relationships and ensure that our Network is made visible to students across Canada. 

   2. ​Build a Sense of Community

  • Encourage satellite communities across Canada and Europe, with informal representatives.

  • Create a platform for young scholars to share their research.

  • Create a single online space where young researchers can find out about and pursue said opportunities.


   3. Advocate for Interdisciplinary Research

  • Minimize research silos and advocate for the integration of interdisciplinary research studies 

  • Encourage young scholars from various fields to join, so long as their research has a major European component; for example, researchers in History, Political and other Social Sciences, Cultural and Regional Studies, as well as fields from Natural Sciences and STEM studies, etc.

  • The biennial ECSA-C Conference enables the YRN members to meet and discuss research ideas.

  • The YRN offers its members electronic resources for information exchange, and announcements on academic events and job opportunities.

  • The YRN is a valuable networking tool that assists its members in their professional development. 

Interested? Use the form below to become an official YRN Member!

Requirements of membership: 

  • Be an undergraduate, graduate student, postgraduate (doctoral level), or postdoc currently affiliated with a Canadian university. 

  • Be enrolled in a program or conduct research related to the European Community or any aspect of European Studies. (We welcome a wide range of fields and disciplines!) 

Become a YRN member!

Thanks for registering to become a member. You will shortly receive an email to confirm your membership! Welcome to the Network!

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