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Media Engagement by ECSA-C members

During the Jean Monnet Project ECSA-Cn, the ECSA-C members were invited to participate in various media outreach initiatives. The key objective with the media alerts and commentary was to address issues of public concern and instigate a broader debate. The project proactively connected scholars of the ECSA-C community with media outlet and helped them making their expertise available to different audiences.

Selected contributions:

Why Russia Finds Democracy so hard – Putin and the Legacy of the 1917 Revolution (October 27, 2017)

by Derek Fraser, University of Victoria

Preparing for day X – Brexit negotiations face uncertainty (Oct 2018) by Oliver Schmidtke, University of Victoria

Yellow Anger: France’s Persistent Protest Movement (Jan 2019) by Thibault Biscahie, York University

Spain’s general election (April 25, 2019) by Pablo Ouziel, University of Victoria

Volunteering in a Refugee Camp in Greece (April 2019) by Franziska Fischer, University of Victoria

Matteo Salvini and Italy’s government instability (again!)? (August 13, 2019) by Julian Campisi, University of Toronto

What does ‘safety’ mean? (August 20, 2019) by Franziska Fischer, University of Victoria

The Catalan crisis: court actions and the lack of flexibility (December 6, 2019) by Antoine Rayroux, University of Montreal

From our COVID & The Future of the EU (Expert Comments Series):

The EU in 2020: From politics to geopolitics and back (May 20, 2020) by Frédéric Mérand, Université de Montréal

Towards a Pan-European solidarity in the COVID Pandemic? The European Union’s economic recovery package on the line (July 18, 2020) by Oliver Schmidtke, University of Victoria

Canada and the EU – shared values and interest should constitute the basis for a strong partnership and enhanced cooperation (May 8, 2017) by Constanza Musu and Patrick Leblond, University of Ottawa

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