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Young Researchers Network



In 2004, the Young Researchers Network became an official entity within the European Community Studies Association-Canada (ECSA-C YRN). Since then, the YRN held conferences and co-organized panels at the ECSA-C Biennial Meetings, facilitating the integration of students’ paper presentations into the general conference panels.  Currently, the ECSA-C YRN seeks to expand its activities in order to strengthen its capacity as a dynamic, innovative organization within the area of European studies in Canada.


  • connects graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and other young researchers in the European Studies field across Canada,
  • encourages innovation and knowledge-sharing,
  • promotes a multidisciplinary approach for the Network’s activities,
  • generates partnerships and connections with other institutions in the European studies field to provide the YRN members with networking opportunities.
Benefits from membership
  • The biennial ECSA-C Conference enables the YRN members to meet in person and discuss research ideas.
  • The ECSA-C YRN offers its members electronic resources for information exchange, as well as announcements on academic events and job opportunities.
  • The ECSA-C YRN is a valuable networking tool that assists its members in their professional development. Research findings presented by junior scholars at the ECSA-C conferences have been published in the Review of European and Russian Affairs (RERA) – an electronic journal of the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies.
  • The ECSA-C YRN increases visibility of young Canadian researchers in European Studies. For example, the YRN collaborates with the EUCAnet, the Canadian database of experts in the field of European Studies, providing doctoral students with an opportunity to be included in the database.
Present situation and future objectives

The YRN fosters communication among young researchers and uses its electronic resources – YRN mailing listFacebook pageLinkedIn group –to keep its members up to date on upcoming academic conferences and job opportunities in the European studies field.
Be sure to check out the new ECSA-C YRN website that serves as a platform to share and address common concerns and interests among the researchers, practitioners and students.
We welcome new members, partnerships, and project!