European Community Studies Association - Canada (ECSA-C)
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European Expertise

In 2005 the University of Victoria created EUCAnet, an EU and European expertise database. UVic benefited from the collaboration by ECSA-C and major financial support from the European Commission. Since 2008 the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue has been instrumental in further developing EUCAnet and its outreach components (weekly media tips, YouTube channel). EUCAnet  is hosted at the University of Victoria.  You will find a directory of EU experts in Canada organized by region, discipline and fields of expertise. Find out more on the EUCAnet website, or contact


Another excellent source of information on the European Union in Canada is the Official Directory of the European Union in Canada.  On this site you can find links to the various embassies of EU countries in Canada, links to Canada-EU business groups, and various community and media organizations.