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Information for Panellists

-All academic panels will be 1.45 hrs in duration, and take place at the Hilton Hotel on May 10th and 11th in the following rooms on the first/ground, second, and third floors: Osgoode East, Osgoode West, Simcoe East, Richmond, and Governor General Main/Parlour. A program with panel details, including times and room #s for each panel, is available online in the links above (and printed for all participants at the Conference registration). There is also a quiet study/work room reserved for conference attendees on the first/ground floor in the Simcoe West Room.

-Panel details (titles, time, and panellist email addresses and names) have been circulated to each panel member via email on April 13. Each panel member should be able to contact one another via email and share their papers, questions, or concerns. Please let the organizers know if you did not receive your panel email, or cannot contact your fellow panellists.

WIFI Login Instructions: For the Hilton Hotel Conference Rooms. *Only 1 device per participant, please (limited # of connections)*. Select Wifi Network “Hilton Meeting.”– Group Name & Password are both – ‘ York18


Paper Presenters:

Conference Papers should not exceed approximately 8,000 words (double spaced), and should be circulated to discussants, chairs and other panellists by May 1st, giving each panel member enough time to read the papers, and for the discussant to provide comments.

Panels will be made up of 4 or 5 papers. Each presenter will have 12-15 minutes, at the discretion of the Chair, to present their main findings. AV equipment will be available in each room. Please bring a USB stick to transfer your files to the laptop computer/projector for your presentation.



Panel Discussants should receive completed papers in word or pdf format from panellists no later than May 1st. Please reach out, if necessary, to your panel members via email to remind them to share their papers.

Discussants are expected to make brief comments on each of the papers, and will have approximately 20 minutes (4-5 mins per paper) to discuss their critiques following the paper presentations.



Panel Chairs should ensure that all panel members have been in contact with one another to share their papers by May 1st. Chairs are also requested to pass along any major concerns or questions from panellists to the conference organizing committee.

During the Panel, Chairs should take a few minutes to introduce themselves, the discussant, and the panellists. They should aim to keep each presentation to roughly 12-15 minutes, and provide time-keeping reminders to presenters in order to ensure that each panellist has ample time to speak. Following the presentations, the Chair should facilitate adequate time (roughly 20 mins) for discussants, followed by a Q & A period (20 mins) for audience members and other panellists.